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₹ 49,120 ₹ 61,400
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SKU: 10MD022
₹ 49,440 ₹ 61,800
3+ color options
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It tends to be precarious to explore through the ceaseless choices in the realm of sofas and other living room furniture sets. At Hokybo, we endeavor to make it somewhat simpler for you. Its critical to consider the sofa set price and the surface of materials utilized in the furniture pieces and embellishments in your home. We should begin with the front room furniture in your space. In case youre thinking about a more unique sofa design for your living room, pick new designs that can snare themselves with the room stylistic layout topic. The commonness of materials, for example, wood in your wooden sofa set configuration can do something amazing in making hearty energy in the living room space of your home.


The style of sofa set design has a significant impact on the tone and mood of the homes decor. Weve compiled a list of some of the most popular couch designs that will look great in your home:

Design of a recliner sofa

If you enjoy the texture of cloth, a fabric-upholstered recliner couch design for your house is an excellent choice. Minimal forms and lines look wonderful on a contemporary modern couch design and blend in perfectly with the surrounding decor theme of areas such as wall shelves. Recliner sofa are an excellent choice for modern apartments since they are easy to clean and come in a range of colors, tints, and patterns.

Design of an L-shaped couch

Decorate the corners of your house with an exquisite L-shaped sofa design. The L shape couch design is both space-saving and highly elegant, and it is all you need to brighten up your living area. Purchase a stylish TV unit to complement the style of your living area. 

Design of a contemporary wooden sofa

The aroma and refinement of hardwood couch design are exceptional in every aspect. A wooden sofa set designs grain texture, gloss, and smoothness make it a popular piece of furniture among homeowners. Check out Hokybos contemporary wooden sofa design catalog and the section on wooden couch designs like pink sofa with prices to find your favorite furniture items.

Design of a leather sofa

Nothing says luxury like leather. Why shouldnt a 3+2 or a huge 5 -seater couch design set seem as attractive as dining tables with leather seats? When leather couch designs are combined with wooden cabinets, the space appears to be a place of pure elegance. Design of a leatherette sofa,Leatherette couch designs, which are a less expensive alternative to leather, are ideal for business cabins. Leatherette, as an office couch design, may give comfort and flair at an affordable price.


We have a wide range of different materials that we use to create our sofas including teak, mahogany, other quality wooden types, etc.

Every room has its qualities, proportions, and decor that is appropriate for the location. A fashionable small sofa bed made of high quality materials may perform wonders in improving the mood of a space, whether its the bedroom, living room, or guest room. A luxury sofa design for the main bedroom or living room of the house is the ideal couch design for increasing the rooms glam factor. Even a three-seater sofa made of fabric or wood may seem classy and attractive. Choose a teak wood couch design for a more polished wooden feel in your living room environment. 


Buy Sofas with up to 40% off furniture. We also offer multiple buyback offers, free delivery, flat 40%, flat 10% discounts, no cost EMI and additional discounts on select products. The price of our Sofas starts from as low as Rs. 13000 and goes up to Rs. 4 lakh. The price of our 1 seater sofa ranges between Rs. 13000 and Rs. 150000. The price of our 2 seater sofas ranges between Rs. 21000 and Rs. 150000. The price of our 3 seater sofa ranges between Rs. 10000 and Rs. 300000. Our sofa sets range in price from 20000 to 420000 rupees. The price of our 1 seater sofa ranges between Rs. 13000 and Rs. 150000. Our L shaped sofas cost between 20000 and 90000 rupees. The price of our divan sofas ranges between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 10000. The price of our sofa cum beds ranges between Rs. 40000 and Rs. 60000. A fashionable couch set may perform wonders in improving the mood of a space, whether its the bedroom, living room, or guest room. A luxury modern sofa design for the main bedroom or living room of the house is the ideal couch design for increasing the rooms glam factor. Even a three-seater couch with a discounted price made of fabric or wood may seem classy and attractive. 


The seating height of your sofa is an essential factor to consider while making your purchase. They can range from highly slouchy, relaxed low sofas with a floor to seat height of 9 inches to taller couches with a sitting height of 20 inches. Make sure the sofa you choose is appropriate for the purpose it will serve or the individuals who will use it. Last but not least, measure the area where the piece of furniture will be put since some couches are broader and roomier than they appear. Choose a teak wood couch design with the latest offers from Hokybo for a more polished wooden feel in your living room environment. Then consider how you may spice up your home with a 1 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, sofa set, divan sofa, sofa cum beds, and possibly some other matching furniture sets. Additionally you can go through our sofa buying guide for a detailed information.


Below you will find that we have curated some of the most FAQs people ask before buying sofas online just for you -

What is the difference between a couch and a sofa?

The primary difference between a couch and a sofa is that couches are usually armless or with a single armrest while sofas feature both the armrest.

Which is the best sofa to buy in India?

Sofas offered by brands, such as Tip Top, Mozart, Apple Cart, Urbanclass, Modiz, etc. are some of the best options to buy in South India.

Is it good to buy a sofa online?

Yes, shopping online for a sofa is a good option because you will save your time and effort by visiting multiple stores. You can simply sit back and shop for a sofa online at the comfort of your home.

Which is the best material for a sofa?

Depending on your requirements, sofas made of wood or leather would be the best option.

How would I pick a couch for my home?

There are 6 factors to consider while purchasing a couch set for your living room;

1. Room Size and Shape. 

2. Pick a Sofa as per the Wall D├ęcor. 

3. Pick the best material for the Sofa. 

4. Think about Fit and Comfort. 

5. Test the Sofa Arms. 

6. Think about your Budget.

Which sofa is best for home?

Search for tough textures. Couches in cotton or cloth texture and leather couches are exemplary upholstery materials that merit putting resources into. Engineered textures like microfiber are likewise incredible alternatives that are solid and simple to clean.

Which couches last the longest?

Sofas that have a thick hardwood outline (like teak) are the toughest. Firmly woven materials and leather are dependable texture decisions.

Which couch is better leather or fabric?

The primary factor is that fabric is generally speaking more agreeable than leather. Like your vehicle seat, leather couches assimilates heat quicker than the fabric one. The equivalent is with leather furniture, it will feel warm subsequent to sitting on it for some time. leather furniture, notwithstanding, is firmer than the textured or fabric ones.