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SKU: F11129R
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SKU: 11MD002(TC)
₹ 9,280 ₹ 11,600
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SKU: 11CT034(TC+CS)
₹ 30,900 ₹ 41,200
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The Wooden tables from Hokybo are of the most extreme significance and an essential household item for any home. They would fit radiantly with your cutting edge home furnishings. Take the necessary steps not to extend since you have gotten together at the correct shopping objective to pick your new wooden table online for a home. Individuals currently choose the work zone which is the accessible day in style and furthermore utilitarian in the system. We understand what usefulness the strong wood table ought to have for current homes and hence bring you adaptable choices. 

The accessible reach incorporates strong wooden table plans that can be put anywhere in the house and help to keep things convenient. Incredibly outlined work range, permitting you to coordinate more space offers the best strategy in the type of little Corner Tables online in South India. Shopping oval, round work areas online gives you a clear section to a wide assortment of game plans and they also offer you the best costs. We offer the uncommon scope of incredibly crafted wooden dining tables online.


A wooden table keeps in excess the most well-known decision for purchasers hoping to put resources into the correct one for their home. A strong wooden table is a first-class furniture that can be passed down for ages. At the point when you purchase a wooden table, there are a few contemplations to remember. A basic wooden table isn't a basic buy. There are numerous viewpoints to consider - like what material is most appropriate to the climate of the city they are living in, or what sort of style they would like to go for. Exemplary style wooden coffee tables, for instance, probably won't fly as effectively as something idiosyncratic, however, a no plan attitude probably won't keep going extremely long if the plan of your house is revived consistently. From tracking down the privileged wooden table that works for your home, to likewise discovering one that is the value savvy wooden table, the inquiry would thus be able to be a tedious one. This is the reason keen customers decide to buy wooden furniture online. They are spoilt for decisions, and as opposed to settling on the look and feel to suit their financial plan, their lone thought is Which wooden table is better? from the plenty of choices, they need to browse online.


Below you will find that we have curated some of the most FAQs people ask before buying wooden tables online just for you -

Do the tables have to match in the living room?

No law says the style, shape or finish of your side tables has to match. We prefer a more mismatched, collected look. It adds depth and dimension — and tons more personality. If you've inherited a pair of matching side tables, that's okay, but choose a touch of contrast on the remainder of the pieces.

How do I choose a centre table?

Make sure that the centre table is a minimum of 2/3rd the dimensions of the most important seating piece within the front room. That will make sure that you've got enough space. Keep a gentle distance of a minimum of 18 inches between the closest furniture and therefore the centre table. The shape of the centre table is decided by the form of the sofa.

How do you place a table in a living room?

Place end tables on all sides of a couch or loveseat, spacing them an equal distance from each arm for a symmetrical appearance. Use mismatched end tables for an off-the-cuff, asymmetrical look. For small, intimate conversation areas, centre one end table between two chairs.

Is the centre table the same as the coffee table?

They are in any case a part of your furniture set. Unlike coffee tables, centre tables are central to the furniture plan in your front room. Center tables are not placed in bedrooms, they are front and centre in the most important room of your house, at least as far as your guests are concerned.