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At Hokybo we offer the most ideal blend of comfort, assortment, measurements, functionalities, and costs for online furnishings. From current to conventional furniture designs, negligible to complicated subtleties, quieted to lively shadings, conservative to roomy sizes, we offer for all intents and purposes each kind of furniture online to coordinate with your interior theme. You can discover answers for a wide range of spaces – rooms, kitchens, sections, lounges, dining regions, study rooms, galleries, visitor rooms, bars, and outside. You can without much of a stretch get items that are hard to spot somewhere else during furniture web-based shopping; for instance side end tables, corner stands, and thats just the beginning.

One more benefit of choosing furniture online is that an actual space can never display enough classifications or sizes. At the point when you purchase furniture on the web, you can see the highlights, advantages, and usefulness of every item plainly. No more depending on the staff to recall and pass on each point – in any case, huge or little. You can likewise sort the items utilizing some boundary, or apply channels according to your necessities, analyze however many choices you need, and add your top picks to your list of things to get.



The living room is regularly where you spend a greater part of your waking hours, which makes tracking down the right lounge room furniture considerably more significant. Your decision of parlour furniture should be agreeable, outwardly engaging, and intended to fit the space accessible. Hokybo offers awesome family room furniture plans to help you track down the ideal choice for your living space. Regardless of the style and size of the furniture, you need for your family room, Weve got you covered. In the event that you dont need the problem of exclusively selecting furniture, our parlour furniture sets are customized for you. At Hokybo, you dont need to make do with something unsatisfactory. With our sensible costs, you can get back extravagant lounge room furniture without the hefty expense commonly connected with furniture. From chairs and side tables to sectional couches and cupboards, our assortment of living room furniture has all you require. End your quest for the right furniture shop by shopping at Hokybo.


The bedroom is seemingly the one spot where the nature of furniture utilized matters a ton. Without legitimate bedroom furniture, your own space will look chaotic and ineffectively coordinated, which isnt incredible both for the nature of your rest and individual cleanliness. Hokybo has awesome bedroom furniture designs that cover a wide range from old school to contemporary, without thinking twice about quality or solace. Need a quality bedroom furniture set? Then youre at the perfect spot. We offer advantageous room furniture sets to assist you with keeping away from the issue of discovering coordinating with sets of bedroom furniture. The way to track down the ideal current room furniture is understanding the space accessible and afterwards discovering furniture alternatives that fit the space consummately to make a useful region.


Getting that perfect dining room furniture is essential since the quality of your mealtimes doesn’t just depend on the food but also where you have it. Set up a dream dining room by shopping for high-quality dining room furniture online at Hokybo. Our online furniture store is equipped with functional and stunning dining room furniture options designed to uplift your space and make it prettier. No matter the kind of furniture you need, our innovative and well-thought-out dining room furniture designs will do the trick. Hokybo has beautiful modern dining furniture that fits the contemporary home like a perfect fit. All our furniture options are designed by expert craftsmen and made using the finest quality materials to ensure they last for years.


One of the benefits of buying office furniture online is that when you look for office furniture online, you are getting the most ideal arrangement available. This is on the grounds that shops like TIP TOP  have a scope of furniture that suits each financial plan, from huge to little. From clever office stockpiling furniture that gets your authoritative score up to agreeable texture couches for office attendees to relax in, TIP TOP’s Hokybo has something that works for everybodys wallet. The second is that the scope of the office furniture plan that you can look over online is the broadest it can at any point be. Not at all like physical stores, online furniture stores like Hokybo have the most stretched out scope of styles and plans on offer, from executive office furniture to office furniture that is somewhat more budget-friendly, fitting each state of mind in a  practical sense. Building a lovely office decidedly affects representative assurance, bringing about an uptick in efficiency that your supervisors cant resist the opportunity to take note of.


Theres something so charming about leisurely wandering through furniture stores. On the off chance that you havent seen Hokybos most recent assortment at our stores yet, you are passing up a great opportunity. Certainly, sitting at home and perusing furniture stores online for a couple of hours is exciting all alone. In any case, nobody can keep the fulfilment from getting strolling into furniture shops and running starting with one couch then onto the next, attempting this bed and afterwards that or in any event, sitting on padded seats to pick one that is ideal for twisting up and resting. So regardless of whether you need to shop in a store or then again in case youre hoping to purchase furniture on the web, there is just a single online furniture store that stands apart as the best, none other than Hokybo. Also, the best part? You can purchase your furniture on the web or in an actual store where you can contact and experience the furniture before you make a purchase.


With regards to furniture, many individuals wind up agreeing to some different option from what they needed due to the expense in question. At Hokybo, we get this. To guarantee you dont think twice about your vision for your home, we offer sensible furniture costs subsequent to calculating the expense of sourcing materials from the best furniture company in Kerala - TIP TOP. Is your quest for a furniture shop near you prompting an impasse?. We offer premium quality home furniture at costs you can manage, to guarantee you outfit your home with the best furniture there is. Peruse our furniture designs, think about the costs, and get back a very agreeable and beautiful piece of furniture today.


Before you start the task of online furniture shopping, have a go at envisioning each room in your home with the items. In the event that this seems troublesome, generally sketch the top perspective on the room utilizing pencil and paper. Then, at that point have a go at setting each piece of online furniture for the home, alongside the measurements. This should give you a reasonable thought of how much each room can oblige, and how much strolling region it would offer. Comprehend the elements of each room, the number of individuals utilizing it at various occasions – day by day, week after week, and month to month premise, the measure of room accessible (considering the strolling space), and the other inside frills in the room. For instance, while seeing couch sets, you ought to consider the guests who visit you over the course of the end of the week, etc. Another factor is the sort of seat you purchase; for example, an armchair or a chair to make yourself agreeable toward the finish of a taxing day. On the off chance that you have a conservative front room, search for 6 seater or 10 seater dining tables and sofas online.


Q. Can I request custom modifications for the furniture listed on the website?

A. Yes, you can request custom modifications for all the furniture if it says customization is available on the product page of our website.

Q. How long will it take to deliver custom made furniture?

A. If you are designing custom made furniture, you will spend time choosing a frame material and handpicking the fabrics or the styling elements with a design consultant. This process could take 10 days to 45 days, depending on the type of furniture and on how strong your vision for your space is.

Q. How long will last Hokybo furniture?

A. Hokybo furniture can last up to a lifetime depending on the type of furniture and brand of the product you are purchasing. For more details on the warranty of Hokybo furniture check out our warranty policy here.

Q. Is there any option to touch & feel hokybo furniture before buying?

A. Hokybo square is Kerala’s largest furniture retailer and has 15+ outlets all across Kerala so if you ever want to touch and feel any of our products just pre-book an appointment and visit your nearest Hokybo square.

Q. What premium furniture brands do you have in Hokybo?

A. We have the most luxurious furniture brands available in Kerala such as TIP TOP furniture which is our premium and luxury furniture brand that offers up to a lifetime warranty on their products and AppleCart which is a premium furniture brand that is very affordable.

Q. What budget furniture brands do you have in Hokybo?

A. At Hokybo, we have the most trusted furniture brands that offer all kinds of affordable furniture in Kerala such as Urbanclass, Modiz, Mozart etc.

Q. Can I place a Bulk Order through Hokybo?

A. Yes, you can place bulk orders through our website. You may need assistance with bulk orders so book an appointment with one of our executives for a smooth shopping experience and they will help you with your order.

Q. Can I check the products listed on the website at my nearest Hokybo store?

A. Yes, you can check the products listed on the website. Hokybo square is Kerala’s largest furniture retailer and has outlets all across Kerala so if you ever want to touch and feel any of our products just pre-book an appointment and visit your nearest Hokybo square. It is possible that the product that you selected may not be at the store so kindly confirm whether it’s available at the store or not before your visit.

Q. Do Hokybo deliver to my city and location? What are the types & options of delivery?

A. Currently, we deliver to all pin codes in Kerala and with the express delivery option, hokybo will deliver the product within 3 days or less. With the normal delivery option, If the ordered product is in stock we will start shipment of the product minimum within 3 days and a maximum of 7 days. We will deliver the product within a minimum of 7 days and within a maximum of 10 days. With the Scheduled delivery option, Hokybo will deliver the product/products in more than 10 days.

And the types of product delivery we offer include - store pickup, hokybo direct delivery & via courier services.

Q. Is it safe to purchase furniture online from Hokybo?

A. Hokybo is the safest platform for buying furniture and decor items in Kerala right now because Hokybo’s parent company TIP TOP group has 15+ retail store outlets & 40+ years of experience in the industry and we value our customer’s safety more than anything. We follow all the necessary precautions and regulatory procedures when it comes to manufacturing, customizing and shipping our products as required by the law.