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An up-to-date and ergonomic seat is a definitive furniture extra that can quickly hoist the style energy of your living space. Regardless of whether it's an independent highlight seat, office seat or gaming seat, the advantages of a rich all around planned seat can't be underscored enough. Trial with a large number of tones and plans or blend and match with other eccentric furniture pieces; a seat gives brilliant alternatives to utilize those innovative muscles! In this way, feel free to consider these choices when you purchase seating options online.

Hokybo takes pride in selling high-quality wooden seats online in South India, of various styles and plans, to think about all inside plan subjects. Upholstered and non-upholstered, we offer strong wooden furniture online for the home of each sort, possible.


  • Minimal chairs: These are accessible in upholstered style and basic styles. quite possibly the most agreeable, originator, and normal kind of wooden seats. This wooden seat gives a most extreme solace level as its armrests and backrests are great and give you a decent stance. You can lay your arms on the armrests serenely while perusing or unwinding.  
  • Traditional Chairs: Give wings to your fantasies with the wing seats. These are really beautiful and have a tranquil back. The backrest of the seat is high similar to wings and has agreeable upholstery. You can put it toward the edge of the living room with a mix of couch sets. traditional seats are completely upholstered. Its armrests are huge and high so one can without much of a stretch lay their arms on it. 
  • Armchairs: These are fundamentally rockers. These have stunning too and for development so one can undoubtedly change it as indicated by your seating position. Its rocker development is logically demonstrated to be unwinding and agreeable. Its delicate rocker movement gives you outrageous unwinding which couldn't measure up to other people. Armchairs are the creator show-stoppers that inspire your style. 
  • Metal Chairs: We have lightweight metal seats which are not difficult to haul around, higher up the first floor or indoor-outside. The seats online are accessible in splendid and energetic shadings and planned in astounding examples that can glance great in any stylistic theme, including the outside like nurseries, decks, lawns, or yard. 
  • Rounded chairs: Soft and cuddly footstools upholstered in brilliant textures planned in lovely examples that are tremendously fit to the room’s stylistic themes of present-day trend. These are light in weight and can be utilized both as happy with seating or just as an accent furniture piece. 
  • Trendy Chairs: Iconic Chairs become the style image for your home with their beautiful construction and making. These chairs reclassify the most flawless type of modernization with special plans, agreeable surfaces, and varieties of materials.
  • Dining Chairs: These are essentially intended for dining tables. These have straightforward wooden and upholstery seating. These for the most part accompany the entire set. You can purchase dining seats online independently as well on the off chance that you need more seats for your feasting table.


We offer a plethora of wooden seating furniture including rocking chairs, sit out chairs, armchairs, and more from popular furniture brands. Furthermore, the rates of them are the best available in the market.


Below you will find that we have curated some of the most FAQs people ask before buying living room seating furniture online just for you -

How should I arrange my living room furniture?

Choose a focal point. Don't push the furniture against the walls. Create conversation areas. Find balance when arranging furniture. Consider traffic flow. Use the right-size rugs. Get a big coffee table. Put tables at arm's length.

How much seating should a living room have?

At the very minimum, you ought to draw a bead on having a minimum of four to five seats in your living room if space allows. In the typical home, this often seems like a settee and two club chairs combo

How do you layout a sitting room?

Choose between seats-plan, broken-plan or living room only. Find your living room focal point. Go for a balanced layout. Or go for something more flexible. Look at the natural light when picking a front room layout. Let your furniture be the focus.

Can you have two sofas in the living room?

If your front room is little, your best bet when arranging two couches is to stay it simple by facing the couches opposite one another. This layout works with the couches directly in the centre of the room or with one couch against a wall.