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SKU: 14MD001
₹ 14,035 ₹ 25,800
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Picking a bed online can be extreme if you don't have a thought of what to search for. Here are a few variables to consider: 

  • Favoured material: Pick the right material that the bed is made of. The choices accessible are wooden beds, metal beds, upholstered beds, teak beds, mahogany wood beds, rubberwood beds, MDF wood beds and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Choose the right design: The bed design becomes possibly the most important factor; regardless of whether you need one with a headboard, a covering, a sleigh bed, or a bed with a cabinet. If you read or work in bed, one with a headboard will be extremely valuable, while a four-banner can look exceptionally majestic and summon sentimentality. Finished boards on the headboard and footboard lend the bed a more exquisite feel without the issue of upkeep, and the different bed sizes accessible suit an entire host of necessities. Numerous advanced beds offer you stockpiling choices that come as sliding or lift-up boxes. An up-to-date king size bed gives extraordinary adaptability and usefulness in the family room.
  • Size of the bed: Since space is ordinarily an imperative, you should settle on the decision between bed estimates: a queen-sized bed, a king-size bed or solitary beds, contingent upon how enormous your room is. On the off chance that the bed is for you and your loved one, you will require twofold beds. In the event that you are searching for a children's bed, you could think about basic single beds, cots, or other small beds. 


We offer a plethora of wooden bedroom furniture for your home including king size beds, queen size beds, double beds, beds with storage, and more from popular furniture brands. Furthermore, the rates of them are the best available in the market.


Below you will find that we have curated some of the most FAQs people ask before buying wooden beds or cots furniture online just for you -

Would it be advisable for you to rest on hard bedding? 

Solid bedding additionally holds your lower back from falling, which could take into account more oxygen consumption while dozing. Solid beddings are for the most part better for the individuals who rest on their back, on the grounds that they give a more steady and surprisingly surface. Stomach sleepers will in general passage better on firmer bedding, as well 

Which sleeping pad is best for back torment? 

The most regularly suggested beds for back torment are memory foam and latex. Memory foam and their regular other option, latex beddings, both offer astounding help and shaping 

Is it better to rest on a hard sleeping pad or a delicate one? 

As a rule, heavier individuals lean toward firmer beddings. Delicate froths might soak in a lot for solace and sufficient help. On the other hand, lighter sleepers might soak in less and observe supportive beds be awkwardly hard, so they for the most part should lean toward delicate to medium-firm alternatives. 

What is the best sort of bed to purchase? 

Spring and slat beds are the best kind of beds for back support. Furthermore, consistently recall, a decent bed should regard the size, shape, and explicit necessities of the sleeper. On the off chance that for example your back frequently inconveniences you when you are resting, then, at that point pick a customizable bed and rest in a place that is agreeable for you.