As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, many countries around the world closed offline furniture stores to halt the spread of the virus. According to data from the Times of India, the peak in physical store closures was registered at the beginning of April 2020, when a lot of people were affected. The sudden closure of offline furniture stores meant that furniture manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers had to find alternatives to in-person shopping in order to guarantee people's need to buy the furniture they require. It was then that TIP TOP decided to shift to online sales with the introduction of Hokybo; TIP TOPs very own e-commerce website. Knowing that until effective vaccines or therapeutics for the novel Coronavirus become available, in-person sales may continue to be disrupted; Hokybo paved the way to normalize online furniture shopping even further.


Hokybo‚Äôs website has been designed to give an easy-to-use and streamlined experience to its customers even in those struggling times. Hokybo had a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to share their purchases, likes, and wish lists on social networking sites which allowed TIP TOP to continue innovating in the furniture industry. Hokybo aimed to provide all the necessary tools for the customers to shop and look from product to product and find that perfect piece of furniture and decor items even from quarantine situations, Hokybo provided brilliant advice from designs experts, excellent customer help and assistance, free home installations, etc. and in addition to all that offered discounts & furniture offers and other decor items.

Even in those trying times, Hokybo made huge sales and made our customers happy with our astonishing range of furniture. The covid pandemic put e-commerce at the forefront of shopping. Changing customer spending habits as a result of the pandemic contributed to the spike in e-commerce sales last year, as statewide lockdowns and fear of contracting the virus kept consumers out of physical stores.

Hokybo took several precautions to ensure greater hygiene with the shopping experience. Hokybo in Kerala has tapped into these trends to provide a service for shopping online from a farther distance from the buyer. With several home delivery options including express delivery, people in Kerala chose hokybo over many other furniture websites.

As South India navigates its way out of the lockdown, the way people act as consumers has been changed fundamentally by the coronavirus. The research points to this change becoming permanent, leaving furniture retailers and manufacturers like TIP TOP group with the challenge of attracting and retaining consumers in an omnichannel world, where customer loyalty is hard-won and TIP TOP group will continue to win more and more customer loyalty with a little help from Hokybo.

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