From humble beginnings as a single furniture shop, Hokybo’s parent company TIP TOP furniture group has grown into a great successful e-commerce business with the introduction of Hokybo in 2021.

As our founder Mr. Saidalavi KT had this wonderful idea of introducing affordable and high-quality home furnishings with the aim of creating a whole new furniture culture in South India, he quickly realized the community had plenty of unmet furniture needs. So as all great entrepreneurs do, he set out to plug this gap in the market and our parent company TIP TOP was born. We launched our first furniture shop in 1982; the turning point was our quick acceptance and love from our valuable customers. Since then, much of TIP TOP’s success was based on our laser focus on community, our vision and our services. 

We came up with the name “Hokybo” for our website by creatively shrinking and recreating our company name - Home Key Ventures Pvt.Ltd in an astonishing way to express the things our company stand for.

The first two letters of Hokybo “Ho” stands for our concept of home that we believe everyone should have, the third and fourth letters “ky” represent keys to that perfect home, opportunity and idea and last but not least fifth and sixth letters “bo” represents a box or bundle of options and varieties of quality furniture for our customers to choose from.

Together Hokybo is actually pronounced “Hokey-bo” similar to Hockey which expresses our fondness of Indian culture and heritage.  

Hokybo online store is the result of two years of hard research and development on how e-commerce works ethically and efficiently to create the best e-commerce platform. With more than enough experience in the industry, our leaders like Mr. Sulfikar Ali KT (Managing Director), and other well-experienced executive directors have set out to make Hokybo one of the leading furniture e-commerce platforms across India.


Hokybo’s website has been designed to give an easy-to-use and streamlined experience to its customers. We created a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to share their purchases, likes and wish-lists on social networking sites.

We aim to provide all the necessary tools for the customers to shop and look from product to product and find that perfect piece of furniture and decor item that you had in your mind, like brilliant advice from designs experts, excellent customer help and assistance, intelligent suggestions principally based on your previous purchases, Free home installations, etc. and in addition to all that we also offer discounts and offers on our new range of furniture and other decor items.

Having our own delivery services and highly experienced staff we aim to reach customers from all over India and hope to grow through all the segments of the Indian furniture industry.

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