Today, in the business world most sales happen through sales network groups, but currently, there aren’t enough credible sales network groups in India. So with the mission to create one of the best networks for selling products and services in all of India and in order to reach Hokybo’s products & services to everyone, the Hokybo sales club aims to create a unique business network to help people earn a flexible income by utilizing their free time. 


In each panchayat, there will be a sales point and in that area, there will be a few Direct sales agents (DSA) to work on boosting the sales of Hokybo online furniture store and to help reach those products and services to the public. 

The Direct Sales Agent or DSA is a member of the Hokybo Sales Club who will boost the sales of Hokybo products and services by working on a flexible time basis and will be part of a group of people who will coordinate and participate in various social services. HSC comes under Home Key Ventures Pvt. Ltd. from TIP TOP Furniture Group and is an opportunity to earn an additional income. Continuous sales training and support will be provided to DSAs by the HSC executives before and after joining HSC.

Hokybo Direct Sales Point or DSP is an authorized sales point for the customers to connect with Hokybo and for Hokybo to connect with the public. DSPs can earn an additional income from all the online and offline sales done by the TIP TOP furniture group including both online sales and offline sales (Hokybo square) in the DSPs area. DSPs will coordinate various social activities while being a valuable part of the HSC.

This is how anyone can get the opportunity to earn an additional income by using their flexible time with the Hokybo Sales Club.

The club’s proceedings are done by utilizing the Hokybo online platform [], Hokybo retail network ( Hokybo Square) and Hokybo logistics. Any individual regardless of their age, gender and locality can join the Hokybo Sales Club as a freelancer for free and those who wish to earn a stable income can be a part of this club with a small investment as a sales point. The Hokybo Sales Club initiative comes under home key ventures Pvt. ltd under the TIP TOP group which has over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry.


The Hokybo Sales Club’s operation and structure are designed to provide any product and services by using Hokybo Sales Club, initially, Hokybo aims to sell furniture items and eventually move on to provide other products and services. 

In these trying times of covid-19 and lockdown, most people face several hardships, including health and financial problems, and are having a hard time trying to make ends meet without a proper income. But by offering freelance jobs and Sales Club memberships in a flexible time and flexible income manner. Everyone can join and be a member of this club, even students, professionals, small business owners and existing freelancers. With the Hokybo Sales Club, we hope to create thousands of sales points and lakhs of freelancers and be one of the best sales clubs.

Hokybo hopes to implement the Sales Club Project in Kerala because Hokybo’s strongest point now in India is Kerala. Gradually sales club aims to grow their business all over India and to grow their sales by lakhs, crores and up to tens of crores. HSC hopes to conduct many social welfare activities which will make a positive impact on society.


  • To reach Hokybo’s products and services all over India  
  • To help people earn an additional income while working on a flexible time basis. 
  • To be one of the best business groups having multiple Direct Sales Points (DSP) and multiple Direct Sales Agents (DSA) working at different authorized centres in panchayats all over India.
  • To unite a group of people who will coordinate and participate in various social services and activities.
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