At TIP TOP, the botanical haven for wooden furniture; stock comprises mainly of fully grown high-quality teak, mahogany, and rosewood that are collected from forest repose of Kerala and those imported from countries like Myanmar and Africa. For seasoning, only one type of wood is used at a time. 

No furniture is made at TIP TOP without treating the wood in their seasoning plant, 10 - 12% of humidity should be retained in the logs of wood as they are taken out of the seasoning plant. Added to this is the moisture absorbed from the atmosphere when the furniture reaches the polished state as such the finished furniture is allowed to retain a maximum humidity of 15% during the treatment of wooden blocks in the seasoning plant about 15 to 25% of them become useless and TIP TOP furniture is made only from the remaining wood and strong woods; these woods can withstand temperature from 55 to 60 degrees celsius.  Therefore this furniture can survive anything you throw at them.  behind these graceful and marvellous works of craft are the hands of many talented workers and machinery, by applying german technology TIP TOP facilitate the furniture which has itself as even.

Best Export Quality Wooden Furniture From TIP TOP 

The secret of the strength of tiptop export quality furniture lies in the strict and non-compromising long process of quality control. TIP TOP can give the customers life long guarantee for the craftwork, the artistic skills that go into power match the changing times and trends. TIP TOP products also have the brilliance of being polished multiple times to have a long-lasting finish.

The customers can watch the real form of their furniture before it is polished. TIP TOP encourages the customers to visit its factory when other brands will never allow it; this shows the utmost authenticity of TIP TOP furniture. Meeting the satisfaction of the customers is the one true goal of TIP TOP and it is a strong bond built by TIP TOP between generations.  TIP TOP has acquired a large stock of a good variety of Timbers as there won't be any shortage of wood in TIP TOP as seen elsewhere TIP TOP does not make furniture in a hurry. It is because TIP TOP is very strict in manufacturing furniture entering the principles of accurate measurement and duration of processing together with plans to maintain the required quality of the furniture made, it never takes orders that cannot fulfil the required quality level and this attitude is the unique heritage of TIP TOP.

What makes TIP TOP distinguished from others is its unending search for saturating the brim wood ascertaining the number of finishes required for their pieces of work, total devotion and dedication are given here to make the dreams come true it's not the amount of time taken for the completion of a task that’s important; it is satisfaction and customer satisfaction means everything to TIP TOP. Now you can purchase premium Tip Top furniture products from Hokybo - leading furniture online store in Kerala from Tip Top Group.

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