TIP TOP furniture, Indias promising leaders in the furniture industry & masters of wooden crafts with an inspiring range of Kerala’s wooden furniture starts a new venture with Hokybo an all-new e-commerce website, now you can easily order your favorite furniture online without even breaking a sweat.

Indian E-commerce is creating economic growth by generating fresh business segments, promoting competitiveness, and ensuring the spread of best business practices. There are no entry restrictions in the virtual marketplace; therefore it acts as an open platform for craftsmen and manufacturers alike.

TIP TOP group launched the best e-commerce platform for everyone, an online furniture and home products destination. Hokybo’s website gives users a virtual ‘touch and feel’ experience. It is specifically designed to showcase the furniture and home products available and highlight the relevant features that consumers are interested in while browsing.

Hokybo also has a mobile site, which gives users an app-like experience, can be surfed on any Web browser, any mobile device, and has a fluid and responsive design. 

Features of Hokybo Online Store

Hokybo’s website has been designed to give an easy-to-use and streamlined experience to its customers. It has a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to share their purchases, likes, and wish lists on social networking sites.

Hokybo is also distinctly introducing see-lists, a whole predominant new way to shop for furniture online. Let me sort of explain how see-lists work, it’s pretty much the simplest and in most cases the most convenient way for you to ensure the quality concerning your fondness for a product that you really like and purchase that product with complete satisfaction.

Initially, there will be six types of see lists for the customers to essentially choose from. choose the right see-list that works for you personally because, in the end, everything kind of comes to your choice.

Hokybo is distinctly all about customer choices, we undoubtedly want the best for our customers and at Hokybo you can pretty much find and purchase all kinds of different furniture and decor items for your home or office, Hokybo provides the right piece of furniture for every nook and cranny of your home or office space.

Hokybo provides all the necessary tools for the customers to shop and look from product to product and find that perfect piece of furniture and decor item that you had in your mind, like brilliant advice from designs experts, excellent customer help and assistance, intelligent suggestions principally based on your previous purchases, Free home installations, etc. and in addition to all that Hokybo offers huge discounts and offers on their new range of furniture and other decor items.

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