Searching for top of the line hand-crafted Luxury Furniture? Search no further! Here at Hokybo we just convey the highest quality of Authentic Premium Furniture Brands. One of our longest-tenured  Furniture Brands is TIP TOP Premium Furniture. total LUXURY! TIPTOP premium and MODIZ - APPLE CART Furniture Showrooms are situated all around south India and just have the best High-End Furniture pieces.

Hokybo - one of the top online furniture stores in Kerala, offers another proposition of High-end furniture to establish remarkable and complex conditions. A Collection that arranges the creator's Design with incomparable quality, both in the top materials that we select as in the possession of our master craftsmen that change each model into genuine show-stoppers. Our premium Collection is motivated by both vintage and contemporary style designs from the 80s to the present day, where excellence, extravagance, and taste for little subtleties, converge in a similar idea. A Collection made and intended for the most requesting customers of the 21st century, who understand what they need and like extravagant decorations without pomposities. With our premium Collection, we establish conditions in which are joined by significant stylish qualities: the straightforwardness, the newness, the splendour, the class and the charm for restrictive climates without losing the basic usefulness. We use 100% natural materials for our premium products, no harmful chemical polishing or waxing is applied.

Furniture characterizes the style of our homes and our everyday lives. There are more furniture brands available today than one can sensibly know of. Finding the best furniture brands can be an overwhelming undertaking.


TIP TOP PREMIUM has spearheaded quality designs and present-day style and help define the importance of extravagant furniture. In the realm of furniture, there are trendsetters that often fail to receive their fair share of recognition from the public at large. If you've seen TIP TOP premium designs—you've seen designs impacted by them. TIP TOP furniture is a standout amongst other furniture brands in south India and defines current extravagance furniture.

In our eyes, everyone deserves the most premium range of furniture in their home that’s why Hokybo exclusively has the TIP TOP premium collection for that royal touch for your home.


Apple cart is one of the fastest-growing, innovative and premium furniture brands in the home furnishings marketplace in south India. It is a lifestyle brand and design authority, offering dominant assortments across many categories. Apple cart is crafted by TIP TOP Furniture Store and made with the best quality and Designs. These are matched with the unrivalled price and services.     

From raw material to finished goods, a team of skilled craftsmen takes a truly hands-on approach to every piece. It’s how Apple cart ensures that they surpass your highest expectations.

Superior quality begins with sourcing the finest materials available and using proven manufacturing techniques to create timeless furniture built to last a lifetime. Peaceful living has always been linked to the nature of a person.  An environment is complete when it provides the warmth and pleasure mother nature provides.  Apple cart is here to give you the best range of furniture to soothe your day and give a fresh start.

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