For the most part, an independent venture is an exclusive organization or sole ownership that produces less income as well as has fewer workers than a standard measured business or enterprise. The particular principles that establish an independent company differ by industry. For instance, a small automobile business has less than 200 representatives. A major private company that sells clothing produces under 3 crores per annum. We should take a gander at some famous MLM organizations, then again. Uber MLM Amway, which sells an assortment of products, boasts deals of more than $8.4 billion in 2019 alone according to a survey. Now that’s a huge difference! To know how Hokybo sales club is different from an MLM you need to know what Direct sales and Multi-level marketing are.  


Direct sales, or direct selling, is an appropriation technique that depends on free salesmen who sell items and services directly to purchasers outside of a conventional retail setting. HSC is a direct sales platform and such platform/groups are known as vendor-based, which implies they give more pay to the wholesaler when the person in question makes a sale at retail. Hokybo sales club normally markets higher-ticket, once-deal, products and services, for example, furniture, home-related products, and so on. With the immediate sale business approach, most of the accessible benefit assigned for the sales reps bonus goes to the individual who makes the retail sale. That individual for the most part procures an essentially higher level of the assigned deal commission than does the business board that might be regulating their work. 


Multi-level marketing, otherwise called MLM, is a minor departure from the immediate sales model that consolidates agent enlistment and preparation of different new delegates or representatives. At the point when a free agent enrols another sales rep, the recruiter can get a commission on that sales reps sales, just as any delegates enlisted by the new colleague. Contingent upon the design of an association showcasing plan, a recruiter could be able to procure commissions on different degrees of enlisted people.

Now network marketing distributors sell products, yet the business interaction normally starts with their warm market of friends, companions, and family members showing off how much money they make. Organization promoting organizations regularly offer retail commissions that are a lot lower since a greater amount of the accessible commissions are coordinated toward rewards paid to different upline or the top executive individuals in the support chain or tree.


HSC offers people who appreciate sales and who truly like the sales field, the chance to bring in cash by giving them various products and services to sell to other people. It’s very affordable, and startup costs are insignificant and members are appointed with a basic membership fee and a lifelong membership.

  • HSC is not a pyramid scheme, at HSC everyone works independently
  • HSC will give direct sales agents the capacity to begin selling right away. Direct sales agents can sell Hokybo products with HSC, permitting them to zero in on deals, as opposed to appointing sales materials or to get a site set up. 
  • HSC provides freedom: HSC can give direct sales agents the chance to bring in cash without keeping a severe plan for getting work done. 

Many organizations that indicate to be MLM or pyramid scheme companies have been dependent upon administrative activity since they are working an illicit fraudulent business model. In a fraudulent business model, people are urged to contribute a specific measure of cash into an association, with guarantees that they can bring in cash by enlisting new financial backers, who then, at that point, similarly enlist new members. Fraudulent business models are against the law. Still, this has not prevented a few organizations from working as pyramids supposedly being an immediate deals organization. 


HSC is nothing like MLM or other direct selling companies for HSC’s main goal is to help people earn an additional income by allowing them to work flexible hours

Also with Hokybo sales club -

  • It generally costs less to be a member. 
  • You get free expert sales training
  • You get to attend personal development programs
  • An incredible opportunity to make a lot of connections and be a part of a friendship group
  • You get to use Hokybo Square facilities - Five refreshments and two personal meetings at any Hokybo square every month
  • You can be part of a group of people who participate in various social services and activities.

That means more individuals can become part of the Hokybo Sales Club since the idea accepts even beginner sales reps alongside them getting full-time personal development by working in sales with HSC.

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