As the centrepiece of any common area, a stylish modern sofa often serves as a functional focal point – its important to balance comfort with aesthetics to get the best possible effect. This blog outlines the major differences between classic and modern furniture and which one suits your home best. Youll find furniture for every interior colour scheme and every type of space. We hope youll find ideas for your new favourite furniture right here! 


Not only does modern furniture feature versatile forms that could suit any contemporary interior, but it is also currently available in a wide variety of stunning colour and design options  – from fiery red to lemon yellow, with tons of stylish neutrals in between. You can choose from polyester or leather materials for your modern furniture pieces.

Modern furniture works great as most of the gen-z and millennials today prefer it over classic furniture pieces. Adding a modern accent chair to a living room or office can provide a cosy area to curl up and read a book or have a cup of tea. Generally, modern furniture is styled in neutral colours making it the perfect addition to your existing interior style of choice, the texture and designs of the materials are what makes modern pieces interesting. Beyond an accent chair, you can choose to add a sofa, similarly, it adds warmth to any room. Modern fabric generally pairs best with rounded pieces of furniture, may it be a rounded style chair, sofa, or a divan cot.

You can even mix modern furniture with traditional or classic furniture if you are going for a unique and different approach. But when it comes to which furniture fits best for your home better than the other, it is basically up to you and what you like. 

If you want to keep a classy look throughout your home you need a good balance of classic and modern furniture. For instance, if your office room is mostly classic with touches of modern furniture and accessories, then in your living room you may want to consider doing the opposite. This would mean rather than touches of modern, your living room would mostly be modern furniture with touches of classic style. Many interior designers suggest 80% of your room be in one style and the other 20% be in the other styles.


A furniture piece of classical inspiration can be recognised at first glance: the beauty of the details, the carvings that run on the surfaces, the brightness of the gold and silver details, the refinement of the inlays decorating the furnishings like delicate paintings in which the different essences are the colours. It is in classic furniture that craftsmanship can be shown at its best: that unique ability, handed down from generation to generation to give elegance, charm and refinement to every piece of furniture. 

With regards to the plan of exemplary furnishings, classic furniture isnt just communicated in that craftsmanship that sees their sources in the previous hundreds of years and is given over from craftsman to expert, yet additionally in the plan of interior decor. The motivation for the formation of exemplary furniture comes straight from the incredible instances of the past, from those that have made a demonstration of themselves in the most refined, royal, and rich residences in the past hundreds of years. 

Amicability, class, and extravagance are some of the qualities of this type of furniture, the genuine models of unmatched refinement: while tending to the requirements of an advanced crowd, the present manifestations should take a gander at these bits of craftsmanship, tracking down the correct harmony between current necessities and excellence of a style that becomes culture.

If you are looking for inspiration for a classic living room, you will find it in the beauty of luxury handcrafted classic furniture. It’s easy to say classic: in reality, when we are looking for inspiration for classic design options, we soon realize that the proposals are so varied and so different from each other, both aesthetically and in their quality that it’s anything but easy to orientate oneself. That’s why it will be good to first clarify some essential starting points, and then choose among the different classic styles the one which best suits your taste and the environment you want to furnish.

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